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Originally Posted by eatpasta View Post
Ok, who has got an update for us..... a good news update.....?

preferably something about that not only is the race on but all the Lost Coyotes are racing for free?

too much to ask?
I spoke to my Island "Insider" last night. Event is still on. The head guy has been concentrating on his son competing at Loretta Lynn's and getting into Pro MX. After Loretta's he will be on the GP full time. Current plan is to have Thurs. as a practice day, Friday a Pro MX, Sat & Sun GP.

He had problems with the website but has a new one that has yet to be updated from the last race:

I also heard some disturbing news about D-37 clubs that helped put the race on last time all but holding the event hostage by wanting huge money (six figures) along with free entries and all expenses paid for everyone. Pretty crazy seeing as the promoters lost money last time. I see getting course workers and help as being the biggest hurdle this time.
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