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I've made it to New Hampshire! So far I have the running streak of making my arrival to my sister-in-law's house late at night. It isn't planned that way, in fact I would rather not ride through Vermont's Green Mountain National Forest in the dark so I could actually see the sites but somehow the trip in is always late at night. At least this year I was equipped with GPS so I didn't get lost and have to phone the wife for directions. Also, last trip was made mostly while wearing my rain gear which really didn't hold up to the label of "Water Proof".

I'm not able to upload any pictures at the moment but as I was riding a thought came in mind of why do I take these crazy trips. I purposely rode out of my way 600 miles to visit a couple of friends, ride some curvy roads, and eat some Carolina BBQ. I've been in two Army units that have hade at least eight riders each and I've been the only one that has done any traveling by motorcycle. In fact at first one command team didn't want me to go by myself until I proved that I thought out the scenarios of breaking down, getting lost, and other mishaps that could happen.

Now my intent isn't to focus on people who own motorcycles and go only as far as the local coffee shop but to focus on why my preferred method of traveling IS the motorcycle. What inspires me?

The first one would have to be Robert Pirsig and his book "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". Articles have been published, internet threads have been filled, and people have written books about his book. What did it do for me? Besides trying to define quality it opened the idea of traveling to allow for personal discovery. Without an aid for communications with other people a motorcyclist is alone. Little more can be heard while riding down the road than the wind and the engine. There's no radio, no passenger chatting, no other distractions other than the traffic and the scenery (oh, maybe the GPS). I use the time to cruise, relax, and if I have anything to resolve. I find such peace while riding.

Another thing would have to be you guys. There's not much more inspiring to go out and see the world than people posting pictures, videos, and the little equipment that they use to see such sights. I love this video:

Getting over the fear of not have the "right" equipment I packed what I DID have and tried to go have an adventure for myself and see the USA. When I came back I tossed out a few things, read more Trip threads, and then bought a couple of things that I thought would enhance my experience. I'm sure that after this trip I'll go through another cleansing of gear.

So, what inspires you to "Motorcycle Adventure"?
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