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Long Term Update

The R410 does have a new and improved sheild mechanism. As I understand it, all models moving forward will be going to this new mechanism. There were complaints on the original and thus a new one was sourced for the new models.

It is one of the more easy ones I have used. I regularly remove my shield to clean the inside - easy-peasy on this one.

I've put a couple of thousand miles on mine now. I have noticed quite a reduction in buffeting with this one compared to my old helmet. That's good news. The only complaint I have is the lowest detent for the sheild is too high - it sits the shield out about an inch. Would be nice if you could crack it about a half inch. The locking tab will also pop it out a bit but it's just not quite enough. Minor really, but there nonetheless. Otherwise it's surpassed my expections.

I have also since added my Sena 5 BT headset. Easy to install and works perfectly. There is a nice indent in the mouth guard where the speaker can sit - no clearance issues with my lips or 'stache. Also deep pockets and a flat mount area for the speakers. You can build up behind the speakers to the perfect thickness to suit your ears.

I got a pair of BOBSTER riding glasses with the foam eye shields. They have photochromic lenses (light sensitive) so they work just fine with the tinted visor. If there's going to be any stop and go in-town riding they work REALLY well with the shield up. Also great for any off pavement riding. And the shield hinges up to become a peak or visor which is the next best thing to an offroad or DS helmet. This is exactly what I wanted this new helmet to do.
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