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Thanks for all the compliments folks; I'm very happy that so many of you are riding along, and enjoying the tales!

Originally Posted by Cerberus83 View Post
Not being nit-picky, but I think what he had said was probably "dasveedanya" which means "goodbye."
There was another syllable on what he said, that I couldn't pick out. He had a big smile, and gave an enthusiastic wave when he left. As far as omnipresent "good signs", I figured meeting a Russian guy near the start was up there.

Originally Posted by live2ridetahoe View Post
BTW, props for the Bruins hat! Are you from Boston?
Originally from Connecticut. After the Whalers went under, I chose the Bruins. As you can tell from the color of my dog, I'm all about the black 'n gold. :)

Originally Posted by tshelfer View Post
Great story - keep it coming.
One question. I note that most of your camping is boondock style. What are you doing about potable water in camp?
In the nose of the sidecar, I have a backpack with my laptop, clothes and toiletries, as well as a 3 1/2 gallon water jug. In addition, I rode with a 2L camelback, which I filled from the jug throughout the day. Lola will drink right from the camelback, so it takes care of water for both of us.

Originally Posted by Wilmo View Post
My wife also now wants a Ural, not sure if its because she wants to ride in it with me, or wants to get another Dog (our aged Lab passed on last year). Pet travel should be the basis of Ural's next ad campaign. Love the report.
Sorry to hear about your aged Lab; Here's to hoping you two can find another dog that you can take on great adventures. Obviously starting a puppy out would be best, but considering Lola was 9 years old when she first started riding, I think you can teach old dogs new tricks!
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