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Originally Posted by psmcd View Post
Looks like the 420 side is the link to 157 then. I was on the north side of Snake Creek and I don't think it could connect except by foot which is a go over Sunset Peak. See my point B where I bailed on the climb.

40.579379,-111.582624 (enter this coordinate in google earth)

We used to ride to Pittsburg Lake in the early 70's on our Huskys and I think that's still open. I'm not such a fan of riding a heavier bike in that terrain but keep finding myself in it.

I rode to Forest Lake on the AmFork side but didn't attempt the 171 link from there up to 157.

I'm still interested in trying your 420 to 157 all the way to Timp and back but need to borrow a lighter bike for the single track. If nothing else, it would look a bit ridiculous to encounter an old dude on a DR650 with windshield up there. Especially if you had to help him pick it up
I'm with you on the heavy bike aspect - we had to lift our bikes over 3 fallen trees on that run and there are several drop downs caused by tree roots or large rocks that I'm not sure I would have been able to come back up. I was on a KLX250 at the time and even it seemed too heavy (I am inexperienced on single track though). I ride a DRZ400 now and I'm not sure if I'd take it on that or not - well I would, but I'm not sure if I would make it all the way or have to bail by the lake again.

What kind of range do you have on that 650?

MavChick - Have fun in CO - sounds like an awesome trip.
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