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Originally Posted by auguzt View Post
There's another interesting documentary about Senna called "Ayrton Senna - The right to win". It has been done a few years ago and shows other points of view and I think is quite complementary to the movie. HERE the full feature on yt. Enjoy and sorry if it has already been posted.
Thank you. That was excellent. As a telling of who Senna was, and of his relationship with Prost, it's roughly 100 times better than the movie Senna, which is rotten at its core.

The movie Senna has tons of rare F1 video and audio. From that point of view, it's outstanding. But it debases itself by dishonestly vilifying and demonizing Prost in order to make Senna a bigger hero than he was. Senna had faults, like any man. The linked documentary hints at those faults. The movie Senna goes out of its way to reject them and to paint a false portrait of the man.

Senna deserved better than his namesake movie.

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