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Originally Posted by orangebear View Post
The bike weight is a shocking 215kg which is to heavy.

Why are modern adv bike getting taller and taller seats and even fatter.
Take the 12 gs it's about 260kg then add all the kit ect and be close to 300kg which is crap for a rtw trip.

The 990adv is about 200ish kg and has. Ok seat height
I agree ... they ALL just keep getting bigger, widder, taller (Yam Ten, BMWGS, Tiger 1200) If you talk to Actual owners ... who have weighed their 990's and 950's on proper scales you'll find a BIG GAP between KTM's claimed dry weight and real on the road weight.

Consensus for the 950/990 Wet weight for a somewhat farkled (no bags or racks) 990/950 seems to typically run around 525 lbs. (238 kgs.)

A multi bike test from 2011 of the 990 ADV Dakar with bags had the weight at 573 lbs. (269 kgs.)

The BMW true wet weight is also higher than the quoted weight BMW provides. I'd guess true wet weight is around 520 lbs. (236 kgs.)

I just read a review of the new 2014 BMW F800GS ADV. The way the guy talked you'd think he was riding a world class Enduro bike. The Test was held in Moab, Utah. All I can think is BMW carefully avoided the more treacherous tracks out there and stuck to mostly roads!

The guy never once mentioned weight or loss of control in technical riding. Having ridden the LIGHTER weight original F800GS ... I can tell you that when the track goes steeply UP or DOWN ... that fooker is a handful. The reviewer must ride as well as David Knight ... or ... more likely is totally full of shit!

I've ridden the 950 off road briefly ... and was delighted how GOOD it was for such a monster. (too tall for me, but I loved it) Can't say the same for F800GS. Oddly, BMW did not correct any of the major shortcomings of the F800GS on this new ADV version. Same crap suspension that SO MANY complain about. No engines changes. No mention of the problematic fuel pumps and filters so sensitive to Ethanol fuel and water.
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