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I don't hear anybody saying on this thread that they want a 1400 bigger bike. They want a smaller, smoother bike.

Here is a quote I read today from Noah RTW thread in Ride Reports....

Originally Posted by travelingaustralian
Just been catching up on your RR. Looks like your having a great time!.
How has the bike been going? The only reason I ask is I've been laid up with a back injury. Been reading through some old RR's that I enjoyed years back while I'm on the mend.
Fishfunds RR 25,000miles with Luke and Nick. He had some problems with the bike that kept on popping up. How has it been for you? Just interested as it now has plenty ok Km's on it and is what ill be riding on my RTW.
Anyway keep up the great report and enjoy the company

I post all the problems I have in this ride report. I have nothing to hide. KTM is not sponsoring me to ride this bike or to post this ride report.

In my opinion, there is no better RTW bike than the 690. It is reliable. It is durable. It is efficient. It is powerful. It is easy to work on. It is easy to ride. It carries what I need. It has a 500 km fuel range. and at the end of the day, IT IS FUN TO RIDE. It is rare you will see me without a smile. My comfortable cruising speed here in Mongolia is not slow. I keep her serviced and I ride her hard. I would challenge anyone to put a KLR (for some reason this is the one people tell me I should have) through what this 690 has done. It might make it?.. but you and the bike will not have as much fun as Katriana and I have had.

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