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"Adventure bike" is a term used to sell mediocre underpowered, undersuspended 10+ year old designs that require minimum tooling changes and maximise profits while providing a perception of "value". (read - Japanese adventure bikes)

The exceptions to the rule fall into 2 camps - under 700cc high tech expensive bikes, or over 700cc high tech expensive bikes. (read - Euro adventure bikes)

Between these categories everyones interests is covered. To some extent.

You are then free to customise to your hearts content.

That is part of the joy of owning one, and the basis of the frustration we all feel as owners.

Why don't they make a bike for what I want to do?

Sure, if they could build a bike that weighed next to nothing, handled rough stuff like a motoX bike, had the power and torque to pull 2 people plus camping gear at GP speeds, was cheap as chips, adaptable, reliable, and could still smash single track like an ISDE bike...we'd all have one.....right?

OUCH.....reality just bitch slapped me.
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