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Hey guys we are now in Amarillo, heading for OKC tomorrow. Wow what a trip it's been with more mechanical failures than the entire epic ride thread put together and we have 3.5 weeks to go. Things haven't worked out with posting a ride report as we go, so you will all have to wait till we get home and I stop fixing bikes in car parks/roadsides for a full write up, as I just don't have time to fully explain and sort through photo's like we were hoping.

It's been amazing meeting fellow advrider's along the way, between bumping into you in your local mechanic's to hotel lobby car parks.

From those of you that have meet us, you know we love a chat, even if we have been a bit short at times (hopefully we haven't come across that way), as it's been a pretty trying holiday, but we have tried our best to enjoy the conversations of strangers we meet and there's still 3.5 weeks left so hopefully we bump into a few of more... To those companies who have helped us out, whether by opening up your workshops after hours/shipping parts quickly, etc we can't thank you enough, as you have helped keep us on the road.

And to the people so far who we have either shared a beer/conversation/or helped us out these are the moments that hopefully we will never forget.

Anyway the latest problem is the KTM has broken a chain and taken out the clutch slave cylinder, but it's all good we have a replacement on the way tomorrow, so we will fix that and keep the wheels rolling.
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