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Originally Posted by Snowy View Post
"Adventure bike" is a term used to sell mediocre underpowered, undersuspended 10+ year old designs that require minimum tooling changes and maximise profits while providing a perception of "value". (read - Japanese adventure bikes)
Japanese Adventure bikes? That bad eh? You mean the DL650 V-Strom? The Vstrom is one of just a few being portrayed as an "adventure bike".

I do believe it's a good travel bike .. not very capable off road. That said ... I'd rather be on the Wee Strom in rough conditions than a 1200 Tiger, Yam Tenere' or BMW R1200GS ADV. Yam's Tenere' does not really qualify for your "mediocre" list, does it? It IS heavy though.

What other "mediocre, under powered, under suspended bikes" are the Japanese selling? For some reason Suzuki has NEVER portrayed either the DR650 or DRZ400 as an Adventure bikes ... at least not in ads here in the USA. I believe with some changes they could have done that ... but haven't.

Honda's ALL NEW 700's and 500's only hint at adventure, purely a styling exercise ... obvious to everyone.

I guess we could say Kawi is now pushing the KLR as an Adventure bike ... but i'd say the old KLR has earned the moniker. But SO FEW ads anywhere for that bike. Their market is generational, built in. And it's 24 year old technology ... not TEN!

More KLR"s have crossed continents than any other bike I know of. It's not expensive, clearly not high tech ... and it's not Euro. It just gets the job done, cost very little and is essentially expendable. In a dangerous and increasingly unpredictable world ... those are not such bad traits!

Why spend years customizing your dream bike when some tin pot official with a rule book could have your bike in 30 seconds? And what would you do to customize? How do you know what needs doing until you get out there and find out what does not work ... and what it needs? Live off the bike a few months then make the changes ... otherwise you may just be pissing up a rope!
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