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yeah I'm so sold on the E07s I am loathe to change. BUT I don't want to hijack this to a tyre tread. You think the CTC will be erasonably roadie & mot gravelly? I have no idea what to expect but prob similar to DB stuff?

I went for a ride last weekend & it felt so cool getting back onto gravel I want to go & practise some skills training.

I'm assuming you've been following the jetting thread. i read thru Robs thread & learnt a great deal. Do you have a AFR meter you use or just trial & error, or have you bothered? Were you talking about a harmoniser a while ago or was it someone else? Voltys magic box I take it just does ignition tuning? Schmidt is running very nicely apart from just off idle so may take the time to try to sort that out.
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