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Originally Posted by chasbmw View Post
I would disagree that electronic systems are fragile on a bike, the Boyer I fitted on my R80, did north and south America, got taken off the R80 when I sold the bike and put on a 90/6, which was then ridden round Australia, lots of vabration and temperatures from -5C to 45C. No issues. Both of my current bikes run aftermarket electronics, no problems with either, and perfect ignition and ignition curves, not affected by mechanical wear and tear. When points need fixing by the side of the road it's usually because they have become loose and fallen out of adjustment, hardly a failure?

I would not fit an electronic ignition where the electronics are kept inside the timing chest, such as the Omega ignition once sold by Stephen Bottcher, I really do think that similar designs are asking for trouble, there seems to be issues with the Trispark ignition sold for Commandos and in my view part of the problem is that all the electronics are encapsulated in the timing chest of Nortons and those engines do vibrate.

People do need to remember that electronic systems will have different requirements as to both Coils and the resistance on plug caps, this needs to done if an electronic system to last and some systems that use a V shaped timing curve at low revs to stabilize tickover (eg Boyer Microdigital) must be timed at full advance.

Points versus electronic? Maybe it's a philosophical thing
maybe it is a philosophical thing about not wanting to be broken down in the middle of no-where.
if I'm traveling very far .. carrying spare diode board, rotor, points/condenser.

OEM electronics lives in a pretty harsh environment under front engine cover. seems most everything electronic there are prone to failure. except Stator and condenser seldom goes out.

OEM halls effect sensor, rotor, diode board are all common failure components. certainly these are the most likely to fail parts.

it's not just electronics aging in harsh conditions as is certainly the case now with all airheads that's actually ridden. there's been a healthy demand for aftermarket replacements for airhead charging systems and ignition systems for decades.

there's a slew of very expensive $$$ replacement charging systems and replacement electronic ignitions out there. those mfg would not have stayed in business for long unless they sold a ton of new systems.

so yes .. LOTS of folks have zero problems with their OEM electronics ... but evidence indicates there must be a butt load of failures out there to keep all those aftermarket mfg in business all these years

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