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Shoulda bought a dual sport

I usually stick to paved roads around here since the bike I bought isnīt destined for me. Next time Iīll have to buy something off-road capable since sometimes the pavement just ends.

The buses and the bikes slow down a bit but they just keep on going. Bouncing and jouncing, stressing old suspensions and weary backs.

You have to really be careful since there is so much sand everywhere. Sometimes the streets are full of it. This looked like an interesting street so I took it.

I have no idea why the huge tree trunk is sitting in the road, but once I reached the top of the hill, I realized where all the sand came from.

Every rain brings more of it down the hill. The sand got deeper and deeper, the ruts more pronounced, and after 300 m I had to call it quits. My neck hurt and both wheels were squirming everywhere.

On the way back I took another street that was recently paved. As you can see, they donīt cut down trees. I waited a moment for the cow to enter the frame when suddenly a dog ran toward it, barking furiously, and chased the cow into the street.

Sometimes a horse will leap out from behind a tree in the road or a cow will rise up from behind an unmarked speed bump. And thatīs what they call normal.
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