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diminishing returns

Originally Posted by bonekrusher View Post
I'm with you on the heavy bike aspect - we had to lift our bikes over 3 fallen trees on that run and there are several drop downs caused by tree roots or large rocks that I'm not sure I would have been able to come back up. I was on a KLX250 at the time and even it seemed too heavy (I am inexperienced on single track though). I ride a DRZ400 now and I'm not sure if I'd take it on that or not - well I would, but I'm not sure if I would make it all the way or have to bail by the lake again.

What kind of range do you have on that 650?

MavChick - Have fun in CO - sounds like an awesome trip.
We'll be watching for the ride report Mav.
200 plus miles with my 5 gal tank - only hit reserve once at 220 plus.

I was thinking you were pulling some good moves on the DRZ or the trail was easier than I thought - thanks for the warning.

I keep telling myself I should be packing a block and tackle plus long straps to lift the bike, along with a hand saw and a cable saw for the logs and roots, and maybe a small crowbar for the rocks, etc. but then I'd have to run more tire pressure and heavier springs. I got really strong and fit riding the impossible (deer trails etc) when I was young and only slightly dumber. Smarter is to ride with someone who at least, if they won't talk you out of something, will have to help lift/carry the bike, or keep you company on the walk out.
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