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Originally Posted by Sidehil View Post
I know your gonna say it so I will. This is the last place I slept on my fancy insulated Big Agnes air mat that I was so proud of. Saved 50 bucks at the REI sale and then left it there. I think those jealous Harley boys (stole it). Carry on with the thread Manley
I hadn't forgot about your mattress. Don't know if it was them but they definitely had room in their trailers. I almost forgot about those guys. They were funny. Not funny ha ha though.

First let me say that we ran into all kinds of people from all over the world on all kinds of bikes. In general it did not matter what you were riding, BMW, Harley, Triumph, KTM, KLR Suzuki, Yamaha, most people were having a great time and wanted to share their stories and hear about yours. We arrived at the campground in Carmacks at the same time as 3 guys all on identical full dress Harleys. All 3 were pulling fairly large utility trailers. Despite the fact that we arrived together, parked next to each other, and set up camp next to each other, they never said a word to us, never made any eye contact with us or did anything to acknowledge that we even existed on the same planet as them.

The next morning I was loading my bike up next to the head dude sporting a full on Paul Tuttle mustache who was loading his trailer. A father and his little boy walked by and started checking out his bike.

Father to son: "I'll bet you'd like one of those some day"
Harley dude: "I don't blame him!"
Father: "He'd probably want a Honda though."
Me: I don't blame him!"

Man I cracked my self up.

Working on Day 9 right now.
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