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Originally Posted by LuciferMutt View Post
I don't let other people ride my bike and I sure as hell don't ride other peoples' bikes. I just don't want that responsibility.

I don't even like renting cars, but I'll do that occasionally. I simply don't like being responsible for somebody else's stuff.

I even get really nervous driving my wife's car without her in it...which is odd considering we both paid for it and I do ALL the maintenance and upkeep on it...but I would feel so horrible having to tell her that I crashed it...
Don't feel bad. I sell cars, and plenty of people are nervous about test driving cars that they're interested in.

It kind of hurts me when they say they want to test the acceleration, but then are too nervous to really do so (which I could always sense - so they leave thinking the car or SUV is powerless). These days I tend to do the first drive since I've felt so many potential buyers do a half-hearted acceleration test only to be disappointed when the truth is that they never got the motor into the powerband.

I'll tell them that I don't normally drive crazy, but will acelerate the car on a safe striaght-away to safe speeds just to show them the acceleration (to 50 MPH or so).


The other side is the comical old guys who are stepping 'down' from some American V8 luxury car into a modern 6 cylinder. Inevitably, they almost wreck the car when the HP and torque are far more than they expected.
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