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Day 9

Day 9 June 29, 2013
Carmacks, YT to TOK, AK
411 Miles

This was our longest day of riding on the trip. Good thing we broke camp early and headed for Dawson.

We stopped in Pelly Crossing for fuel but they weren't open yet and we had plenty to make it to the next town. We BS'd with this local for a while. He was quite the character. Dean asked him what he did in the winter. He said he reads and tries to stay warm. Must be a long winter.

The town fox. She's been showing up the last few years, has a litter of pups then leaves.

All pavement to Dawson. The 3 Harley's with trailers are in front of us. They went by us as we were pulling out from getting fuel. We followed them for about 100 miles until it started to rain and they pulled over to put rain gear on. Probably didn't want to get their assless chaps wet.

Whats left of this dredge is just off the highway on the way into Dawson. I had way points for a couple of the dredges that are still intact. I wanted to see these but my gps map of the Yukon was not great and the one road I went down had a big locked gate. Maybe you can't access them anymore without going on a tour? I don't know but I want to go back someday and see them.

Dawson is a very touristy town but I think it would be fun to stay a night and check it out. It was early in the day, the town was packed and the one place we checked did not have any vacancies. We decided to eat another burger then hit the road.

Yukon Ferry Crossing at Dawson.

If you take the Top of the World Highway just imagine the most beautiful scenery in every direction. Imagine, that's what we had to do because it was completely socked in, cold, wet, and muddy. We passed 2 guys coming towards Dawson on sport bikes and they were creeping along white knuckling it. That did not look like fun. I was up on the pegs and flew by with one hand on the throttle and the other hand waiving just to show off. Man I was on a roll today cracking myself up.

Eventually it opened up enough to see something. Would be spectacular on a bluebird day.

Seems odd to come to a boarder crossing way up here in the mountains.

Once we crossed the boarder the weather and the road conditions improved rapidly.

By the time we got to Chicken it was hot out. We didn't feel like stopping to camp yet and we decided to try and make TOK so we would have a short ride into Fairbanks the next day. Until I got home and started looking at other reports I forgot there was more to Chicken than the gas and gift shop. We never made it into town. Looks neat from the pictures I saw. Another one for next time.

We made it to Tok. There were several fires in the area and it wast hot and smokey. We had a good meal at Fast Eddies and stayed in the motel there. Tomorrow on to Fairbanks.
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