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ill lend a bike to someone I trust - but there are very few people I trust.....

When I was about 17 I bought a gorgeous Yamaha Seca 650 and naturally a friend of mine asked if he could give it a shot. He had mentioned that he "knew what he was doing".
He started it in his culdesac and got the clutch and as soon as he did I could see him start to panic. What do you do when you panic? Tense up and as you tense your wrists drop.....and add acceleration!
The next thing I knew he was flying across the lawn of the lady who lived across the street, as he approached the house he hit the rear brake to low side the bike, it hits the front stairs and cart-wheels through the air and lands in this poor ladies flower bed.
My friend is unhurt, thank god but the bike is in a bad way. He ruined the rear wheel, swingarm and a few other things. and when it landed in the ladies' flower bed, it emptied a bunch of gas into everything.
My buddy found all the parts and had it put back together for me.... but man.... is lending out a bike a bad idea.
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MX stuff isn't my cup of tea, but falling down the side of a mountain is
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