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Originally Posted by Cam805 View Post
Phil/Jayne, glad you guys decided to co-blog on this site.

It's been how many miles since you visited us in Ventura? I'm actually interested in a tire report, as it is now time to replace my own. By the way, traded the 1200GS for an 800GS - much more off road oriented.

Hey Cam!
Tires: We ran the Avon Gripsters all the way from your place in Cali to Costa rica. about 13000km of the top of my head. Jayne still hasn't changed hers yet. That's what I was running in the sand at our sand course and it ran alright.
I'm now running a Continental TKC 80, a bit more of a knobby tire. I predict more dirt road once we cross the Darien. But already I can tell it won't be lasting anywhere near as long. To be expected.
That's all rear tire talk.
Up front I still have the same Kenda I've had the whole trip, all 40000kms. It's nearing the end, but I just want to see how far it can actually take me.

Hope you're getting the chance to play with your new toy lots!

edit: I now see Jayne has already replied. I was only off by 5000km...
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