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We did a Big Isle DS ride this evening, met up at the Hilo Municipal Golf Course at 5:15 and headed out to Stainback Hwy to ride the forest, then back north along Flume to Kaumana and into some more single track. "We'll be back early" is what I was told so I leave the Helmet Light at home.... After slapping on the tail and head lights, plate and switches to the 200 I link up at the designated time and am immediately ridiculed for not riding Sfront's 530. Oh well sukkahs on the 450s, we're riding tight single track aren't we (The 530 has too much Yank in these conditions for my skinny A$$!).

In the single track where we just crossed a "Floating" log, it's about 12" from the ground and 8-10 in diameter. One of the Hondas wouldn't start so we took a cool down break.

Then on to Flume where the bridge was taken out about nine or ten years ago.

By the time we got across Flume it was dark and raining (This is Hilo remember, wettest city in the USA) and as we pull up to the next section of trail one guy bails and the rest start putting on their Helmet Lights . The single track was BRUTAL with a standard headlight, I hadn't been there in 3 1/2 years (When Sfront donated his license plate to the Trail Gawds) and didn't have a clue where we were. Wet, muddy, logs, stream crossings and a trail boss that got "Turned around" combined with a CRF450X and KTM 450EXC not wanting to start added to the Fun.

Looking forward to Sunday when we ride our normal stuff....
It's the Most F5orite Time of the Year!!!
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