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Day 16 & 17

Since the weather was cooperating marvelously, dry and warm. I decided to take a few days and ride the Kenai. This riding alone thing is kinda nice....have to admit, I'm getting hooked. I knew the Kenai was heavily traveled so I wasn't nervous about being alone anymore. In Alaska it's not uncommon to ride for 30 minutes without seeing another soul. And this is in summer. Imagine driving in the dead of winter on one of these long, lonely stretches. Yikes.

I got an introduction to Charlie in Homer so I headed there first.

Courtnay told me that Cooper Landing was her favorite place in Alaska so I headed there for breakfast where I found this wonderful gem on the menu.

the Pig Vomit omelet. If you can't read it....A house favorite. Stuffed with bacon, sausage, ham and cheese, smothered in country gravy.
(Disclaimer: the PVO causes heartburn, indigestion, clogging of the arteries, as well as high blood pressure).

It was delicious.

This character came out of the kitchen and I just assumed he was the cook.
His name is Bear.
He lives in a tent down the road.
Year round.
Yep, folks. That's right, 50 below, living in a tent.
He said this in front of the staff and no one blinked an eye so I guess it's true.

Stopped along the way to admire the volcanic peaks across the channel.

Arrived in Homer and found Charlie's house.

Meet his kitty hunter.

My cozy room and very comfortable bed.

Bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub.

He took me to a great lookout of the spit.

The photos are a bit hazy from the smoke. Seems some part of Alaska was on fire.

Glacier in the distance.


Beginning of the spit. Charlie told me all about the fast and serious tide movements.

A ship graveyard. Eyesore or cool attraction? You decide.

With a sign like this, you can guess what we had for dinner.

Delicious fish and chips halibut! (miracle whip cole slaw again...lord!)

I was impressed with these buildings built on pylons of wood.

I had no idea halibut could get this big.

Went back home and had a great night of sleep. Woke up the next morning and went for breakfast. I didn't find a pig vomit omelet so I did the next best thing.

Charlie was a sweet, sweet man and really showed me great Alaskan hospitality. Said my goodbyes and headed to the Time Bandit shop for a friend who asked me to get him a hoodie.

I bought him a sticker instead. That, I could fit on the bike. All I can say is if I didn't have room for my adventure pumps, I wasn't getting
him no hoodie. Turns out the sticker was just as bad, keeping it from being bent or crumpled proved to be quite a headache.

Sighted a fair amount of moose on this road. I've seen quite a few now. They are pretty skittish and fearful of the road. They don't seem to blindly cross the road with a devil may care attitude. Everytime I saw one and had to circle around to get a better look, they were gone. I got photos of this one because I was going pretty slow in this section.

Back in Cooper Landing stopped by the lake for lunch at the kingfisher roadhouse.

It was mentioned in The Adventurous Motorcyclist's Guide to Alaska, too bad it was closed.

The mountains were so gorgeous. Very little snow left. Crowding the road from all sides and as always, vast bodies of water everywhere.

Exit Glacier next. This is the raging water coming from the melt. The power of the current is fierce and you can just feel the cold emanating off of it....don't fall in, you might last 30 seconds.

Parked the bike. Dropped the gear off at the ranger station and sprayed a ton of repellent and started hiking to the glacier. If you've never been up to a glacier, they all post these sobering signs to mark where the glacier was that year.

Turned a corner and got my first glimpse of it.

At one time you could walk out on to it, unfortunately with the massive snow melt going on, it's no longer stable.

Got to Seward and found my hostel.

Got the only bunk left (top middle) and boinked my head on the ceiling a couple times. (Again)

Russ from Seward pinged me on my other Alaska thread and invited me to visit him at the SeaLife facility for a private, behind the scenes tour.

But before that, rode down to the beginning point of it Iditarod.

Meet Russ and this is the lab.

He designs these tracking devices.

And shoots them at whales and whatnot with these.

I won't even show you the scary harpoon looking gun.....

Here is one of their rescue animals.

This gigantic and active crab caught my eye.

They also had a cool bird sanctuary.


Went for dinner on the waterfront where I started to fret about the looming dark clouds in the distance.

Had halibut in a curry sauce.

The next morning I woke up around 6 since I needed to get back to Anchorage and leave with Mark and his gang to start heading to Dawson...of course, it was finally in the rain.
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