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I just looked at my stats on SmugMug and I have to say I'm absolutely astonished and humbled by what I saw.
That's 12406 photo loads in one day!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!
I realize this is chicken feed for the Ride Report/DayTrippin royalty that I admire so much, but this mediocrity?
I have such a great deal of fun doing this that the numbers really don't matter to me, but this was a mind blower.....
Humbled. Thanks to everyone for coming along for the ride.
Special thanks to all who post here, and thanks to you lurkers too!!!

As the lovely Darth Peach said it..... Love Ya Mean It!

ADVers are out of control and that's their charm, they don't line up, they don't have standards they follow, each and every one does their own thing. They know how to ride free - BugSister.
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