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Originally Posted by turnerm View Post
I have the Hyperpro rear suspension with the remote hydraulic preload adjuster.
However, even when completely backed off its still too stiff.
Can I adjust the rings/nuts at the top of the spring on this model shock?
Ive heard that with shocks that have remote hydraulic preloaders, you cannot make that adjustment.
The real issue is that I probably have too stiff of a spring.

No..You can not back off the ring with out releasing the nitrogen..Klause would need to do that for you...

That being you KNOW the spring rate is to high? MOST likely, you have too little rebound damping...this makes suspension feel harsh and hard..Increase your rebound damping all the way..see if it feels better..(If you have something that says Fast/ want slow..if it says Hard/Soft..go for should almost get bouncy..go back towards firm..until the bounce just goes away..

Compression damping (Low Speed) has VERY LITTLE to do with makes resistance to bottoming..(High speed compression damping CAN effect ride as well as ride height)
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