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Rest day.

Gonna take it easy today, Dad has the day off today, so it's a good time for family.

It seems I'm a bit sensitive to stinging insects. Just past Kelly Lake, I hit the pavement, and remembered to do up my collar. So I did it up, thought to put my bandana over my neck, then BAM!!!!!! That's how fast I got nailed! By evening, it was red 6 inches down my chest...It's way better today, but they sure do swell up on me...New rule: cover your neck!!!

Neck covered or not, some other stinging/biting insect ended up under my shirt, nailing me 4 times above the belly button while riding! It may have been a fire ant from when I took my jacket off to deal with the first bite....

I'm going to see the pharmacy and ask what the deal is with epi-pens and if I should carry one.... I know they have to do a scratch test to see if you are allergic.....Something I'll have to deal with...I did feel a little bit dizzy for a little while after, but that could have been the stings combined with sweltering heat, lack of food and antihistamines on an empty stomach..... I pulled over twice for breaks, just because of that...I felt better after I had a good lunch....
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