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I will be back...

Originally Posted by HaChayalBoded View Post
Soooooo, back to the playa this year?

We should start an ADV camp. There are at least 30 of us......
That would be pretty rad...we'd need support vehicles if we were going to go down on two wheels...that's a lot of water to balance!

I'll be camping with Surly again and so far it looks like The Surly Bird will be running. We'll be at 3:45 and Consumer.

I'll be driving down for the first time in a few years towing a trailer. I'm giving my ("new") girlfriend's idea of civilized camping a go this year...she did a trip to Baja with me on the Dakar last year so I can't involves air conditioning. And, if all goes well, the Dakar will be sold to an inmate from MO by next weekend...the Suzuki GSR650 isn't quite ready for the run down yet...don't know if it ever will its always good to roll with changes with a good attitude and make the best of it.

So, about the demise of the thread. Well, obviously there was a little controversy. That doesn't really bother me much but I really do not like to be straight up mean...even if other people are really defining the field of conflict.
There was only one chapter left to go and it involved minimal eye candy. The whole thing basically stopped being much fun and the way it was set up it just didn't feel very classy at all to throw down the last set of pics. I was also busy as hell with a new job so I just let it sit. Maybe someday it will feel like a work to be finished.

Maybe if my woman doesn't mind so much...I'll throw in a few pics from this year just to say sorry...or if I can find motos out there. Last year we were coming back home through the area as people were leaving the festival. I got a sick picture of a Ducati from Canada all playa covered.

[IMG] photo P1050233.jpg[/IMG]

We actually rode out to the main gate on the night of the burn and got turned least I was on the playa...and we watched the fireworks from the road! We camped pretty near by because it was super late...nice place to wake up in the morning.

[IMG] photo P1050214.jpg[/IMG]

The week of Burningman looked more like this for me:

[IMG] photo MexicoOrBust130.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG] photo MexicoOrBust210.jpg[/IMG]

I'll write up that RR someday this winter...I bet it won't get as many hits as this one.

Some people claim that there's a woman to blame. But I know. It's my own damn fault.

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