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Had I known J was really good I would have made sure we took it! However, we took H west out of town, but then jumped onto 39 and took it west. We eventually got to Platteville, where we stopped at a Wal Mart to pick up a few things - the Mrs. had discovered that she really didn't like having bugs on her visor, so we picked up a pack of Windex Wipes to shove in a tank bag.

I should mention how beautiful it is in this part of the state. Patchwork rolling hills, everything very green, I was so glad that I turned on the gopro to take pictures at one minute intervals when we left New Glarus.

.... only I guess I didn't, because I got NOTHING. Oops.

Regardless, we were having a great time, chatting away, just riding and sightseeing. We did see a pretty serious wreck in Platteville, I watched an old lady in a Cadillac run a red light (we were approaching it from her right) and tbone the pickup two cars in front of us. no one was hurt, and somehow the old lady was mad at the truck!!

After our WalMart stop (and a snack and bottle of water) we headed south on county roads to Galena, Illinois. Now, Mrs. Bsucardinalfan does not like hotels. She just finds them 'icky'. So my original plan was to make this a camping trip. Only - we don't have ANY camping gear, it might be really really hot (and that would suck) and I was a little concerned over the length of the trip and how she would handle it (I need not have worried about that!). So I did some research and discovered that there is no shortage of Bed and Breakfast establishments in Galena. So I finally picked The Stillman Inn.

I was feeling pretty good about that as we rode past the place, and my wife, still not realizing we were staying there, came over the intercom to announce to me that she thought that place was 'cute'. So far so good!

We arrived, unloaded the bikes, showered, changed, and met the owner, Dave. Dave then proceeded to blow one of my big surprises for the trip by announcing where we needed to go next, but I didn't really tell him it was a secret, so I can't be all that upset with him I guess. The Inn itself was pretty nice. Everything was clean and you can tell the owners take pride in it. My wife was comfortable with it and that is what really mattered!

The inn is basically across the street from the home of U S Grant, the former president and war general.

We walked past (it was a Monday and not it was already about 6 pm) and checked out the grounds, and eventually down to Grant Park, where there are many old cannons and a nice statue of Grant himself.

then, for the big no longer a surprise, a horse and carriage arrived to take us to dinner. (My wife is a bit of a sucker for romantic gestures, and likes horses). Galena is a town that has really embraced it's 1800's heritage, and has a very nice little downtown area. It was really a perfect place to spend the evening, even if on a Monday things aren't as lively as they are on the weekends, according to the carriage driver.

The carriage ride took us across the Galena river and into downtown, eventually stopping off at our restaurant, Vinny Vanucchis.

I cannot recommend the restaurant highly enough. Affordable, fresh, delicious, and this dessert was amazing. (and I wonder why I'm overweight.)

After dinner we walked down the main street, stopped in for a drink at a nice little hotel/bar, and then made the walk back up the hill to the Inn. At this point I was pretty much husband of the year.

I promise more motorcycle related pictures for day two!!
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