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No, better than that. Here's a link
That'll keep nutso

Yep absolutely no injuries at all. it does look worse than it was - honestly! The bike just slid backwards & kept going down. It was a stationary drop but unfortunately there was nothing for the bike to dro onto. I wasn't stressed or anything- just climbed up, texted a few mates for a lift home & began the walk back to civilisation.

Actually apart from the lil mishap my riding was pretty good
I learnt ( or maybe relearnt) to start the corner at a safe speed keep the throttle on right from the start of the corner even if it was just a bit & as you said Stage open it up going around the corner. I realised the front wheel really needs the rear wheel pushing it to get around.
The biggest obstacle to overcome was fear of the front wheel washing out. As my riding loosened up the confidence grew & my riding got better.

A blind shitty corner will always be that & I guess I'll always take it easy going round them but the more open ones are a hell of a lot of fun.
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