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I will be there for year 2.... Will be helping out at the BRC airport.... I did not have time to create an installation piece this year... so will be the night watch at the air field.

last year
Master Tai Chi weapons instructor Sliver Back

Installing my piece Torri Light out neat the Temple of Juno

The camp i am with "Nexicon Portal" art car the Vanuatu

Yes we even had a guy with a light up duck on his head for the entire week...

time to burn


The man has a funny boner

People i found at the Burn

It smelled SO NICE....

Temple of Juno

Top of the world in Deep Playa

The Black Rock Bujio

From out of a dream I rode to beyond the Horizon. Got Adventure? The Zen Gear

One Meteior Crater surrounded by a lot of roos, emus, Yowies, drop bears and one major flood in the driest desert on Earth... There still was a bottle of red with dinner.

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Die Hohen Berghunde Agent X

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