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So I left Missouri and didn't take any pictures since I ride around there all the time. I wanted to save the battery on my GoPro for Tennessee and North Carolina. It was a nice cool slightly overcast day, perfect for riding. With the bike loaded up, a full tank of gas, and a GPS and Google map instructions I headed for the wild country of Alabama. I made it 65 miles before the Missouri State Police Highway Patrol wanted to chat with me about my motorcycle and heavy throttle hand. With 20 years on the police force and 3 years in the Army as a medic we chatted about careers and life. He let me go with a warning after I promised to slow down a bit. (At least until I cross state lines).

I made it to Huntsville Alabama without any problems. I've made the trip several times but always in a cage. For some reason it seems that I always end up taking a different route. Missouri and northeast Arkansas has decent riding with trees, hills, and curves but once you get closer to Mississippi and Alabama it flattens out. It didn't get exciting until I got into Tennessee. I was trying to find a good curvy road to ride from Huntsville AL to Asheville NC but the GPS kept trying to keep me strictly on the interstate. I have an older eTrex CV and I need to play with it some more to have it take me along the roads I want. I ended up following Route 74 along the river which was really nice. Nothing like a good curvy road along the river with multiple BBQ shacks to choose from. I had an extra day so I stayed in the area and continued to try to find good roads to ride. With so many to choose from I think I ended up taking some good ones. I'll definitely have to come back and ride some more.

Here are my pictures from RTE 129, Tail of the Dragon. I knew why it was such a good road to ride (when not busy) but I truly didn't understand how technical it was. I wondered why people kept crashing but my eyes were open when I got on it.

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