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So the pharmacist said that my bee / wasp sting symptoms were not indicative of an anaphylactic reaction, and to keep tabs on whether subsequent stings get worse. I've had a number of stings the last few years, they get big, but I can't say they are getting worse...The dizzyness I felt was probably from the benadryl itself.....

He said to keep doing what I have been, take antihistamines along, and cover up. I feel a lot better after hearing that!

Epi-pens are generally for those who are at risk of going into shock, so I may be off the hook as far as needing to get one.

I still think I'll get tested when I get back to Vic, just so I know for sure, but for now, prevention is probably best.

Glad I got that worry out of the way. I picked up a few bandanas at the Dollar store.
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