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Fuel woes

I realized in B-lining it to PG, that I was burning a lot more gas than I thought! I hit empty at 135kms, instead of my typical 160-170. I guess the extra weight and 120-130kph. speeds were the cause. I think I'll go mellow to Smithers and see if it makes a difference. I may be picking up a 3rd jerry yet....

I thought with the gearing change that I would save a lot more than I did. I guess 130 is 130, no matter what the gearing! That being said, my dipstick still registered by the time I got to PG, so I am burning less oil!

The gearing feels great on the highway, way less vibration and noise.

I did a quick powerline ride unloaded today, made it through the hill climbs, but with a lot more clutching...Sandy, sandy whips out here, a bit challenging for an Islander with bald tires!!! Real fun to hit up the old spots I used to mountain bike on!!!
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