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157 Pole Line Pass to 032

I may be in to an OCD phase on this 157 but it's such great ridge line views of the peaks and canyons between Alta/Brighton on the north and Mt Timpanogos 20 miles south. I'm conjuring an overnighter just to catch sunset and sunrise from one of the many, ideal vantage points on this trail.

So I didn't ride south from the 032 trail between Big Flat Springs and Dry Fork. I went back down the 420 road to 085. Gratuitous through the quakies shots - just wait till fall.

It's only about 4 miles of fun dirt road around the east and southern base of the Ant Knolls to Pole Line Pass where it bisects the 157 before continuing west to the North Fork of American Fork Canyon. Riding 157 north from here involves a bit of traversing and a couple of switchbacks and one small root crossing. Earlier this year I got turned around by a downed tree on a steep traverse but that's gone now. About a mile on the demands intensify at the Ant Knolls.

It's either up to the right for rocky climbs,

or left on the 031 alternate which is supposedly easier.

I chose none of the above for this ride, having vowed to not scare myself like last week, and headed back to the pass. No sense getting anxious, done right this is an enjoyable ride.

Peeking through the trees to civilization below,

while frolicking in nature's splendor,

I nominate it,

Utah's Sound of Music Single Track

I only walked south of the pass about a 1/2 mile a few weeks ago. It's sort of interesting,

maybe a bit above average,

and if you look around,

and closely,

you might see something appealing.

Many diversions to come. Pot Hollow and East Ridge trail on one side. Hollman, Mill Canyon, Tibble Fork and Mud Springs on the other. This could play out through September at this rate.
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