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Yeah, I think most of the magazines are doing their readers a disservice. Very rarely does one read about the niggling little faults that a bike has that may seem small in the big picture but are things an owner would have to live with on a day to day basis. I'm not sure what the paper rags have to gain by making everything sound peachy. We all know motorcycles are the funnest thing since sex....there's no need to sugar coat the imperfections of a particular machine. I couldn't be the first person to ride a Trophy that's noticed it's flaws.

To all those who have enjoyed my report so far, thank you for your kind words.


Some very nice pictures, thanks.

I'm guessing those motorcycle journalists have to dance a thin line of being totally truthful, and sugar coating things a bit. I mean if they totally trash the bike in a review, they risk being black balled and never being asked by any manufacturer to a bike test again, and their editor would probably dump the article in fear of loosing the bike company as an advertiser. That's one of the nice things about the internet, anyone can review a bike and be honest!
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