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I had one of my guru friends take a look at my conrods and wristpins and the verdict was that everything looked AOK for reuse! Just in case I got some plastigauge and checked the oil clearance on the bearing and that looked good too.

I got my parts back from powder coat, and got my shaft reinstalled in the swingarm by Escondido BMW. while up there I picked up all the gaskets and whatnot that I was going to need, except for the wristpin circlips. I tried 2 other bmw dealers in socal with no luck so I ordered them from Ted Porter along with a few other bits and bobs.

since i couldn't really do anything without the circlips I reassembled the rear end.

a few days later my circlips showed up!

So i finished the doubled jugectomy...

Sat down at my bench (at 9:30am) this morning to start the piston and engine reassembly... should be an easy job...

and promptly had the worst build day of my life. I could NOT get the damn circlips into the piston. it was impossible! IMPOSSIBLE i say. Big Mike V. stopped by and we compared the old circlips to the new ones and found that the new ones were significantly thicker and I convinced myself that the circlips were wrong. I even drove out to NAPA to see if they had some alternatives (they didn't). I sent out a desperate (and profanity laced) email to my airhead buddies and Big Jan popped over a little while later. He was sure the circlips were correct, and with equal parts ingenuity and brute force (and extra hands) we were finally able to get the damn things installed. SHEESH. what a pain in the ass. I'll be looking for alternative circlips if I ever have to take this apart again. Jan stayed long enough to see the jugs installed and then I was done (at 5:30pm)

I've got a fairly busy week, so i don't know when i'll get back to the bike, but I will stay optimistic for a weekend ride...

hope everyone had a great weekend!
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