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Driving Lights

The maximum speed that I have gotten out of this bike is the same as the best on my bicycle on a good downhill - 55 mph. Since itīs seriously cheap, everything is questionable and youīre always wondering what is going to fall off. Most people donīt drive nearly that fast since they bought the bike for basic family transportation and they want it to last.

Low Beam

High Beam

The low beam is yellow and illuminates the road relatively poorly even at reasonable speeds. At 45 mph, it just shows you whatīs about to throw you off the bike. The high beam is brighter and whiter and definitely does a better job, but other drivers donīt like it in their eyes. Combined with the headlights of oncoming traffic, no painted lines or reflective markers anywhere, wandering livestock, and drivers not using any lights, every night ride is is a pretty exhilirating experience.

We drive on the right side of the road. Most of the time.

And yes, the tachometer above does indicate that my little thumper idles at above 2000 rpm. It tends to stall at lower speeds.
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