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Across the Hay Plains to Renmark

I camped the night near Narrandera waking to a erie cold fog. My goal for the day was to get across the Victorian~South Australian border. My old man warned me that after the Snowy Mountains that the flat plains through the Hay area might be a bit boring.

Honestly I don't find much or anything boring, its all new to me these places and all have their own merits. Passing through I witnessed things that I have never seen before or only read about or watched on TV.

Misty morning railway bridge.
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Whilst riding along I was intrigued at some "white fluffy material" caught up on the roadside vegetation and fences. Pushing through the miles I was reluctant to pull up and investigate further... Stopping for fuel at towns the mysterious material wasn't to be seen... My answer to the puzzling enigma was finally explained. Cotton!

As the cotton was recently harvested the plants from which it came had been removed from the canal irrigated paddocks. I have only seen hay baled like this. The yellow bales could be seen from miles away with hundreds of them lined up, off into the distance of the large paddocks.

Loading truck with cotton bales.
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Riding into Mildura I had to cross the "Mighty Murray River" I was impressed with it's size and actual distance from the coast. Again in Western Australia we don't have rivers of such magnitude, especially where I come from where the rivers only flow every other year! To see river boats and house boats for the first time had the mariner in me wanting to explore the water ways of the area.

Mildura Main Jetty.

Crossing into South Australia you would have been forgiven for thinking it was a race track...

The winding Murray River is a constant companion through this area near Renmark.

I rode into the South Australian border town of Renmark. The water ways and its vessels had me wanting to embark on a different kind of adventure and journey of discovery. Click to watch.
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