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What to do with poo paper?

In China, and many parts of Asia it's soiled paper into the garbage can next to toilet. That is IF they provided paper. Lots of "bum guns" in Asia - frankly not a bad way to go once you get the hang of it.

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Since I have such limited world experience and many of you have traveled far more extensively than I ever will, I have to ask: After you´ve finished your business, are you supposed to put the soiled toilet paper in the toilet or in the garbage can next to it? In Paraguay, it goes in the can. The one next to the toilet.

Some say it´s because the pipes are small - but some poo is pretty big and it travels the pipes with no problems. Others say that the toilet paper is the problem - it doesn´t dissolve easily and causes problems in the septic system. Still others have never considered it - ¨What? You throw your toilet paper in the toilet

Whatever the reason, various international airports and bus terminals in the southern cone of South America have signs telling you to put your poopaper in the garbage can, NOT the toilet.

So what´s the answer where you have traveled? Garbage can or toilet? (´left hand´ is an alternate answer)
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