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Originally Posted by Cammo78 View Post
Gday fullas and fullaresseses.
Any one had any dramas with 690 forks twisting? 2013 model. 600kms old.....
Only one very minor lay down so far and twisted toward the disk side so i'm thinking braking?? I dunno.
Just looking at it with the naked eye, so to speak. Havnt checked the bolt tensions or anything yet , just wonderin?

every time I dump the bike in the woods I twist the forks. I pick the bike up, turn the bars to the appropriate side, and give the side of the rim a swift kick with my boot and that usually realigns things well enough. Worst case you have to loosen the clamp bolts and realign everything by hand but thats not even that hard to do. When the bike goes down the energy has to go somewhere so it twists the forks. not a big deal unless they twisted because you hit something like a car and compromised their integrity.
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