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Originally Posted by Racer111v View Post
There are specific bike parking on both sides of the road. At noon you will be sitting in traffic or riding down the center or the edge of the road pissing off everyone in a cage. Get up and get there early. They start bikes on the track early. It's the best time to walk around and watch from different places. There are lots of good places to watch from, but not a lot that are close to the bikes. If you want to watch from the fence, by noon you will be out of luck.
yes and no. you are correct and it was a point I meant to bring up, people probably don't realize these guys are out riding (some very desperately trying to post a good time) at 8:30 and it's pretty cool to see. he's coming from Burlington which google shows as 225 miles 4.5 hours. thats getting up pretty early. to arrive at noon while you won't be getting a seat in the gravity cavity bleachers you'll still get your moneys worth. the track is pretty good for spectating and lends itself to walking and seeing all the different perspectives.

as far as motorcycle parking, they do have loosely designated bike parking area's which are close to the road and as he's heading north he's got it made.

this is an event that is not to be missed if anyone can possibly make it they should. any pro MX/SX event in 2013 is a chance to seeing some of the fastest riders to ever sling a leg over a bike. you've got RV,RD, Roczen, Tomac, Barcia, Reed, JS7, Canard and on and on. Weather at this point looks good. One of the top 5 tracks on the planet. If I had the choice of getting there at 12 or not going, I'd get there at 12. Wait until the start of the first 450 moto and let the first turn spectating area thin out and then get a ringside seat for the first 250 moto you'll get your money's worth right there. exit stage left and head for skyshot and bring an air horn.

I can't wait...
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