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YES. They burn everything. All day. If you hang your clothes out to dry, watch out, somebody in the neighborhood is going to start a fire and if you leave the clothes out downwind, theyīll stink of smoke.

On my first long night ride, I had to slow down to 25 mph on a straight country road since the smoke lay like a thick fog over the little valley from various small fires. At least four neighbors within 50 m start a fire like this every day.

Garbage pick-up exists, but you have to pay. If you donīt pay for a couple of months, they donīt take your garbage. If they donīt take your garbage, you still have to get rid of it somehow so some burn it and some pile it in one location with all the neighborsī garbage, perhaps hoping that the municipality will pick it all up some day.

Notice the creek in the foreground and the park in the background. When somebody mentions that North Americans pollute the earth, remember this. Itīs relatively common even in the capital city.

But also keep in mind that poverty is deep and real here. It affects the way you think and act in every moment of every day.
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