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Size matters

If you're like me , vertically challenged, you can't ride every bike in comfort at least not very far.
I'm 6 8" and that leaves me with beasts like the GSA and the 990.
I have one of each the blue and white is at home and the orange is my travel bike.
I'd love to have a lighter bike, maybe a 990 chassis with a 400 engine.
I've ridden a bit on my trip from LA to Bs As and yes it's verra nice with HP but you don't need it or very rarely anyway.
If you can't overtake the lorry there and then, going up hill in the Sierra Madre or the Sonora pass you'll be able to do so in a little while, when the driver stops for a whizzo or a fag.
And when you start to look at average speeds, you'd be able to do it with a 80 cc Step through.
Unless you're one of the fabeled 9xx owners who never go slower than triple digit speeds with everything they own strapped to the bike and the wife sitting on the back.
These epic trips are always on the worst types of roads deep sand or deeply rutted gravel roads and never less than 12 hours.
Baron von Munchausen, eat your heart out
I wish I had bought a GSA a long time ago
and now I drink Orange Crush as well, thrice up now, two 990 Adv and a 950 SER
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