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Originally Posted by stretch160 View Post
argh.... it's taking a little longer than expected. I don't know if the DR will be ready by this weekend. I'll PM you when I can ride.

The GS1200 is a bug bike, but some people can do pretty amazing things with them.

I'd like to ride with you. We could stick to the dirt roads and stay off the ATV trails if you like.

Sweet, looks like you have found some spots I haven't yet. I recognize the spot in the last pic, but not the first two. I look forward to riding with you when I get the DR back on the road. I probably can share some new spots with you too. I'm still hoping to have it done by this weekend..keeping up with me isn't an issue, I'm slow. I prefer the first gear stuff anyway. The only other rider I've ridden with off road was on a gen1 KLR.
The first photo is an awesome area to ride and it'll take you to the NC/SC state line if you go far enough south. During certain times of the year, it's also the access to the north end of Bad Creek (when SC has the gate open). I was 8 miles off pavement at that photo. Big bikes with willing riders will have no trouble on the main parts, and there's a ton of side trails for the little bikes. Oh, and the erosion control berms are steep enough to make even a klr pig fly. It's not on most maps but is a (roughly) maintained road.

Second and third photos are an area I stumbled upon while living near Highlands. I've taken 3 people from this board down there and to my knowledge they are the only ones on the board that know of its' existence. It's really fun but no good for large groups due to proximity to uppity neighbors.

Last one you recognized is always a fun road, made more so by the heavy rains this year. Always a good choice for a mixed surface day.

I run Kenda 270s and a +1 front sprocket most days (better highway manners and still fine for big bike roads and 2 track). Then switch to -1 sprocket and full knobbies for small bike / singletrack stuff to try and keep the heavy pig under control. I'm the same in offroad tastes- high speed gravel is fun for a while, but first gear is where the excitement is at. Looks like you carry more gear but have a lighter bike - we'd probably be pretty well matched.

35xj either of your bikes would run circles around mine but I'll be glad to ride sometime if you decide to head this way. If you know the good spots north of AVL then perhaps I could head up that way for the day as well.

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