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Went to Winifred for fuel and they have the coolest little grocery store there. This safe is a museum piece.

Out through the Missouri Breaks Backcountry Byway roads now.

The fields are very green with the inordinate amount of rain they've had in July

Wild flowers all up and down the roads

Time for a cold brewskie

Lob some big bore lead

While our stallions rest a while

An abandoned farm was across the river, and an old truck sat lonely in the field

I wonder the stories it could tell

Onward, and the roads were showing the terrific rains they've had

And a note about that: The gumbo mud in that part of the state is impassable when wet. And I mean a 4 wheel drive on the level won't even go, the tires gum up with this clay/cement stuff until it hits the wheelwells and you stop. Can hardly walk on it, your boots turn into great big clumps of mud you can't even pick up. So, when rain comes, you need to be on pavement or real good gravel roads, not out in the outback.

And rain was coming.

We made it out of the backcountry to highway 191 and a campground on the river amidst lightning and thunder and some light showers. Set camp and had dinner, and while we sat around the campfire the stars came out and we were reassured.

Our trip was to go along the south end of Fort Peck reservoir and up to Glasgow, then along the north shore back to Fort Benton.

Distant thunder awoke me in the morning. Then closer. Then raindrops. Then,,,

We are packing our camp in a downpour. Fun.

We get everything loaded, wet and nasty, and start heading for civilization. Some tweety birds fly out in front of me and one doesn't make it past my knuckles.

Repeating rain and hail storms are worse as we go. In the occasional break, we wring water out of our gloves and shake off the cold.

We roll into Lewistown for a hot meal and coffee.

Weather forecasts show the worsening storms heading exactly as our route will take us. Without at least some good sunshine to dry our gear, there is no use in going on. We head back for Fort Benton. We get there, a little worse for wear, and it takes a sip of whiskey to bring us back to life.

Some health food on the way back west

So the next day, since we had decent weather in Hamilton, we rode up to Skalkaho falls

Then went to the brewery in Hamilton. So not all was lost!

The next day, after Adam went home to Ronan, we got a call from his distressed mother about 6 pm. He had just left his house to run to town on his Kawi Versys, and a deer ran across the road, he got on his brakes but it hit the handlebars and front wheel. He was on the way to Missoula in an ambulance. Val and I and Clarissa headed up to see him. Broke his collarbone in 3 places, broke some ribs, banged his face up (we are guessing it hit the inside of his helmet that hard when he faceplanted), possible concussion, serious road rash on arms and legs too. He was in pretty rough shape when we got to see him. His riding season is over, and we'll have to do Fort Peck Reservoir next year.

Or I told him for now he can run a chase vehicle. :) Get well Adam!

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Evolution, or, natural selection, has nothing to do with better.

It merely weeds out what is no longer suitable for the given context.

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I would rather be on my motorcycle thinking about God than in church thinking about my motorcycle.

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