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My obsession has led to youtube. Thanks to the GoPro boys I'll be doing sections on foot or mountain bike. I'd need a skyhook or a pet gorilla to deal with the DR if it got out of line between minutes 4 and 7. I think that's the section above Forest Lake, just south of Pole Line Pass.

Hollman 039 is a definite no for the DR650.

Tibble Fork 040 is tempting. I would start from the bottom. 14 tooth countershaft sprocket for sure. Those switchbacks will be steeper than they appear on camera. At least there's the possibility of turning the bike around on this trail.

Tibble 041 is pretty. Lumps and roots to reckon with. I hate that stuff when it's wet but I'm not getting on anything greasy with the DR, I don't want to have to pick it up, let alone drop it

173 makes for loop potential but the dead engine coasting reveals the grade. I detest wrangling a big, heavy bike and it resists, preferring instead to just pitch a rider silly enough to try so if I can't thread it through, I'll just turn around. There's always plenty to see from where it's not a contest.
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