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We got up on day two for the 'breakfast' part of 'bed and breakfast'. Already this kinda messed up my plans, as it was served at 8:30. Further messing up my plans was that it was a 90 minute meal! We did have a good time and learned quite a bit about the town, the place we were staying, and oddly enough, bricks.

The plan for the day was to cross into Iowa and take the Great River Road up to Prairie du Chien.

We took 20 out of Galena, and crossed the Mississippi into Dubuque, and immediately crossed back into Wisonsin

Would not be my first wrong turn of the day! We turned around, made our third Mississippi crossing in 10 minutes, and found our way north on 52. 52 is a GREAT road for the first 20 miles or so out of Dubuque. At some point (and you can see on the map above we veered away from the river) I missed a turn, and we ended up in serious corn country. We rectified that and soon found our way back to the river.

I'm sad we missed some of the river road because the views were pretty amazing.

We eventually found our way to MacGregor, Iowa, which is an interesting little river town right next to the bridge into Wisconsin at Prairie du Chien. I would have liked to have explored this town a bit but we were pretty far behind schedule ...

Then we crossed the river again and left Iowa behind....
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