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Bracket is all set. Still trying to find a good way to mount the face shield.
My bike has the safari tank, it's a bitch to take the headlight and wind shield on and off with the tank. (hard to line up the bolts when remounting).

So I was a bit put off in between rides to take it apart.

Anyone with a spare headlight mask, please let me know. I would like to trade or buy it. That way I can work on the mounts, off the bike.

Since there were enough interests on this and I was not happy with the first version, I had to remake the face plate mold.
I'm also still trying to figure the material and the finish of the face plate. But it's safe to say only a few colors will be offered. You can paint it yourself if desired. I've experimented with many other materials with the intention of providing more color options. But they didn't work out.

Those of you that are serious about getting a setup from me should get ready. Tomorrow I will go talk to the machine shop and get a quote on how many plates they can make me at minimum order, and that likely will be the end of the run.

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