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Originally Posted by Manray View Post
Just completed an 8000 mile ride across the country and overall the bike was super fun to ride. The only problem I had was with front wheel wobble. When there is barely any wind, the bike loaded as you see can safely get to 100 mph (actual speed is about 10 mph less) without any front wheel shimmy. With wind, the front wheel would shimmy when I got near 90 mph.

There are many factors that can affect front wheel wobble. You'd have to experiment with your setup to see if my scenario is valid on your bike. That said, the front wheel wobble on my bike wasn't so bad that I felt a loss of control. Pushing down hard on the handlebar/front end would reduce the wobble or simply easing off the gas would eliminate the wobble.
Have you posted pictures off the trip on a thread manray?

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