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Originally Posted by Prior View Post
Great to see this thread back and alive. Great pics as always! This years been a little slim on mountain grass tours, but hope to make up for it in the fall! Can't wait to check out the new BBQ- I'm due to make some more FAst Ferris stout soon and I'll bring some up...

Ride safe brother and we'll ride soon!
"Fast Ferris Stout," you say? I say:

It FINALLY stopped raining up here, and the humidity has dropped (although, as I write this, it's gotten just light enough outside to see that our infamous FOG is back...). It's been so wet we've actually seen salmon spawning in the branch in the back yard. Sunday's riding conditions were absolutely perfect, for a change, and it woulda been a great day to just ride, and ride, and ride, and ride...

All that said, looking forward to hooking up with you on two wheels again. It always seems like once August gets here the days on the calendar begin to speed up and whiz by at an alarming rate. Hi to Heather, hope all is well down there on the flatlands.
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