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Vibrating Bolts

The first time I took it for a long highway run it started stalling when I pulled up to stop lights. It was disconcerting to dangerous. I had no idea what was going on so I just held the throttle open a bit until I got home. I pulled off the side covers and inspected the carb since I figured it was a fuel delivery problem.

There only seemed to be one adjustment screw that was easy to access so I backed it out a quarter turn. The problem got worse so I returned it to its original position and tightened it a quarter turn. Problem solved. Itīs one of those screws with a spring around it so the vibration must be backing it out. Itīs happened twice since then and I donīt like it to idle so high but below that itīs not stable.

The bike came with a helmet that fits my wife, a quart of oil for the first (free) scheduled maintenance for warranty, and a hi-vis reflective vest with Kenton written all over it. No owners manual, of course.

It makes me wonder what else is going to vibrate loose and fall off.
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